Health Education Development

Developing education programme

Our aim is to encourage and accelerate the uptake, spread and creative use of technologies and software that support high-quality patient-led healthcare.

The guide is of use to both businesses with no previous experience of working with schools, as well as those which have been engaged with the education sector over a number of years.

The education landscape is complex and rapidly changing. The regular new policy initiatives, the specialist language and array of educational organisations can be daunting to businesses wishing to support jobs in london the schools in their community. This guide will simplify the process, inspire and help people’s health development to get involved.

Education Development

Setting up school governors programme

The school governing body should be a well-balanced group of volunteers from different educational development social groups, ages and backgrounds as a true reflection of the local community. The contribution from people with experience in fields other than education, for example business, is appreciated.

There are approximately 40,000 school governor vacancies at any one time and schools often struggle to recruit global health sufficient people with suitable skills. The problem is most severe in urban areas. 

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